I wish I could simply wish away the bad hinge that happens in Nigeria. I wish I could lie in bed and wake up to good news of Nigerians smiling, blessing their ladies, I wish. I wish I didn’t have to even think about staying back in a foreign land because my country barely has anything to offer me. I wish I actually felt the patriotism I used to feel when talking about Nigeria. I wish we didn’t have to insult our political leaders on social media. I wish our religious leaders would be better examples of true leaders and not a mockery of Christianity. I wish we didn’t have many unemployable youths who are so easily indoctrinated. I wish our educational system was good that people didn’t have to send their children abroad or pay the outrageous private fees because the government owned schools are inadequate.

But those are wishes, every person in Nigeria wishes for a turn around but we are too cowardly to speak up for ourselves. We sit with bent backs on broken benches and hope for a better Nigeria, we have even forgotten what a good country with natural resources and man power is. We are so comfortable in our poverty and misery. We are blinded by annual festive gifts and four yearly electoral gifts without asking if that is all we deserve. We do not elect based on capability but on religious affiliations and sectoral ties.
I wonder how our leaders and the rich people feel living in rich mansions, yet surrounded by thatched roofs. I wonder how they feel driving on bad roads to their heavily tiled homes. I just wonder.
Religion and hope has turned us into mediocre people, no wait, worse than that. To be mediocre, we would at least have the basic amenities but the inability to aspire for more. But really what do we even have? We are like wanderers in our lands, having no resting place. We can’t sleep because there is no light and we could be robbed of our little treasures.

We have to stop being victims. We have to be a true example of what activism can do. We have to change our ideology, stop encouraging thieves, jubilation when politicians give money that should be meant for hospitals or electricity.

Nigeria should be run more like a public company with enlightened shareholder values. Here, the shareholders are the people who engage in activism, who are not clouded by short termism. The institutional investors are the business moguls who should even play a greater role because of their ability to lobby, fund political parties so your returns would be the development of the country. Think about it, if there is electricity, you can produce more goods at a cheaper rate.
Directors remuneration should be watched.
  • Written by Ebele Oputa