Following the blog post I wrote on the prevalence of bullying in public secondary schools in Nigeria, I have decided to start a conversation about it with the aim of understanding people’s perception about the issue. With this aim, a poll was created and results from the poll indicated that 59 percent of those who voted acknowledged bullying in secondary schools as a problem which needs to be critically addressed. However, 39 percent of the voters believe that bullying is part of secondary school life. Tomorrow at 3pm (GMT+1) you have the opportunity to share your views and join the conversation.  How do you see bullying? Is it an integral part of secondary school life that can never end? Is it fun? Or is it violence? Where do we draw the line between bullying as a rite of passage in school life and normalisation of violence/child abuse  in schools? These are some of the questions we will discuss during the chat.  So please join the conversation tomorrow  via the hashtag #SchoolBullyingNG and share on all platforms!!