So I just had a very interesting conversation and thought to share.  Every lady has ‘the list’ and with just one glance at you, within seconds in her head, she decides if you have a shot or not based on the checked items on that list! I will try to give examples of what the famous lists look like.

There is the material conscious one with a list like this;

  • You must have money, lots of money
  •  Great job
  •   A big ‘mansion’ not  a house
  • Take me shopping because I am high maintenance
  • You don’t need to be good looking, your pocket is already!

Then, we have the physical appearance obsessed list

  • “Babe, 3 hours in the gym is quite inadequate, we need those muscles buff and toned up”

She wants the complete six packs and an additional half! In other words, you are her ‘trophy boyfriend’.

Next, we have the ambition driven list

Some girls can kill for a guy in a corporate suit. She is walking past your office while you are giving a presentation to potential investors and the cup of coffee in her hands almost drops as she day dreams of being your wife. If only you could read minds!

Then we have the God fearing list. Famous items of this list include;

  • You must go to church with me
  •  Attend all the services possible
  •  Two verses of the Bible a day? Are you kidding me, you need to read at at least 10 chapters with bible concordance and commentaries.

 Her Famous line of a conversation is “babe, I hope you are praying”.

Now, I’d love to add my very own personal list, the almost impossible to please list, don’t judge!

  • You must be handsome, big and tall to complement my slender frame
  • Artistic in some way (preferably, play an instrument, sing or draw but all of the above would be great!)
  • Very God fearing but cool
  • Play a sport preferably basket ball
  •  Smart
  •  Have charisma
  • Must be able to read minds to know when to stop talking and when to keep talking(very important)
  • Adventurous and spontaneous
  • Very caring and loving and the list is endless.

Actually, it increased with every new attribute I discovered. The question is, was I looking for a robot or a human?

 After years of searching for that personified description of my list, growing up and God finding me, the list became simple, “Just love God because if you do, everything would work out, be my friend plus you have to be pleasant to the eyes too” (my inside joke)!

Nice list my friend said. Want to know how the conversation ended? He said “all I want is a friend (a beautiful one though), that shares my dreams as I do hers and life is beautiful”.