I haven’t posted a blog here in over three months! I can’t even explain how time flew so fast. This blog is just to share some lessons from what I have experienced these past months while I was “away”.   The past few months were filled with so many unexpected turns and for the first time in my life, I got to a point where I literally did not know what to do and for someone who is a fixer, I could not fix my problems and that is where my faith in God truly stepped in because I realised that I couldn’t help myself. I was at a dead end.

I’ll give an example of one of the situations I went through in the past months. I had worked so hard on a project for many months only to receive a feedback that suggested that everything I had done did not make much sense. I passed through three phases; denial phase, rejection phase and acceptance. First, in the denial phase, I acted like I was totally oblivious to the feedback, I was running away from facing reality which meant more work. In the rejection phase, all I did was complain bitterly. I saw the work to be done as a problem and kept wishing it would vanish.  The last phase which was the acceptance phase happened one night after I prayed. I realised that denying that the work existed will yield no results, seeing the work as a problem will also only make matters worse. I decided to see the work as a blessing in disguise. A process for me to develop and expand.

Looking back in retrospect, I am so grateful for that feedback that pushed me and brought out something I never knew I had. If not for it, I would still be in my comfort zone. A problem is only a problem if you see it as a problem. It’s all about our perspective and mindset towards situations. I encourage everyone today to embrace that challenge, that difficulty, that enormous workload. This is not an empty inspirational post, it was inspired by my own struggles and experiences.  I literally could not figure out the next step to take when all the challenges were thrown at me but today, I thank God because if I did not go through those challenges, I would have missed out something phenomenal that I never would have had access to in my comfort zone where everything was rosy.