“I am sorry, you know I love you. I don’t know what came over me” he said, and then she walks over to him with her bruised face and bleeding nose and quietly mutters these words “okay, I’d be fine, I love you too” whilst still shaking from the fear, hurt and pain.

download (5)Wait! what kind of love is that? World statistics revealed that 1 out of every 4 women have experienced domestic violence at a point in their lives especially in relationships. It is all around us. I know people have different definitions of love but I have never come across a definition of love being violent. This just saddens my heart. I have not ceased to ponder on why they stay. I was asking a friend this question some days back and he mentioned  fear and ‘soul ties’. I heard a real life story that brought me to tears. I was weeping profusely at how the lady was being abused but still stayed in that relationship. WHY? Love does not hurt, if it does, then it certainly isn’t love.

You are worth more than that. Please seek help and get the hell out of that relationship. I know it is difficult but leave, take time to heal and develop yourself to become a better person.

Let’s say NO to domestic violence!