Inspirational Quote and story for the day

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to  fail in order to practice to be brave”.

                                                                                                                 -Mary Tyler Moore

Dawn Loggins-  From Homeless to Harvard

5.30 am in the morning when most teenagers are still asleep, Dawn Loggins is awake in the hallways of her high school cleaning and scrubbing. In an environment where status mattered and students were bullied and looked down upon by their fellow school mates, Dawn had to do what she could to survive. She had abusive parents and she was no stranger to cold nights without electricity or even access to water. Things got even worse as one summer, her mum and her step father moved, leaving her


homeless. In an interview, she said she couldn’t believe they did that without looking back. She didn’t let that dampen her determination as she read to maintain her grades. In her own words “

“When I was younger, I was able to look at all the bad choices — at the neglect, and the drug abuse, and everything that was happening — and make a decision for myself that I was not going to end up like my parents, living from paycheck to paycheck.If I had not had those experiences, I wouldn’t be such a strong-willed or determined person.”

We are not limited by the situations around us but by the choices we make. Today, Dawn has a scholarship to study in Harvard university yes, you heard right! The story doesn’t end there, she hopes to start a non profit organisation that helps teenagers with deprivation and lack.

Be inspired and act on it!