Whenever I chat with a friend of mine, I jokingly call myself ‘the girl child’ describing all the chores I had to do to be molded into ‘the perfect woman’.  Women are taught to apologize for being women. My father thought differently, he never differentiated between a male child and a female child. He told me I can achieve anything I set my mind to and he totally believes in me. His actions and words confirmed to me that I mattered, even as a ‘girlchild”.That has stuck with me all my life; because I am a woman doesn’t make me less of a human.

11-oct-girl1Without going into deep illustrations and real life experiences, acute gender inequality is all around us. Cultures propagate it and even religions encourage it. One day, the world will come to the realization of the fact that women are valuable and have the rights to live the lives they’ve imagined without limitations! Today’s the 11th day in October, the international day of the girl child by the United Nations but you don’t have to wait for an international organization to tell you women matter. There has to be a change in the mindset, I am waiting specifically for that African man that will dare to be a man just by being one and not basing his manhood or male ego on how less he treats a woman!