i amWhy do we turn statements or comments about us to ‘tags’ and ‘descriptions’ that shape the perception we have about ourselves and the way we go through life? Someone called him ‘timid’ and ‘worthless’ 12 years ago and he still hides behind the curtain of life because he let those words define him.

We are very quick to use these words ‘I am’. I am stupid, I am poor, I am diabetic, I am a divorcee, I am a failure.

Never ever use those words if you don’t understand the implications of them. If you can’t see how incredibly awesome you are and you how that’s got nothing to do with where you are right now, please be quiet. That is much better. Let’s go back to the ‘I ams’ listed above. You are not stupid because you made an unwise decision, that was just one event! Why should that event become a description of who you are? You are not poor because you have no financial resources yet , that is just a phase. You are not diabetic, you only ‘have’ diabetes, that is just one segment of your life not the whole. You are not a divorcee, you went through a divorce. That was an event, not who you are and you are certainly not a failure, that was just a test.

Have you ever seen a product give itself a label? Jump out of the box and say ‘hi store, I no longer wish to be called a Bulgari blue diamond because the lady over there called me a diamond imitation and I don’t feel like the authentic diamond anymore after that’. No, that never happens, only the manufacturer can define a product because He made it and He has absolute knowledge about it. So then, why do we let people’s comment or statements about us shape the way we go through life when we know that those statements are not who we really are? See yourself through your Creator’s lens.

You may have been defined by a bad relationship in the past and those words stuck like adhesive glue, but the right relationship with God will erase such labels and give you your true definition. You are much much more than you ever imagine, trust me.