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Lifetrumylens.com is a platform I created to express the different facets of my life as it relates to my passions, my profession and the way I see life. It presents a combination of my ideologies about life, my struggles and my experiences. I hope to leave a mark in the sands of time hoping that one day in hundreds of years from now, someone somewhere will read this weblog(if the internet still exists) and literally be able to see and understand how a young woman somewhere in the continent of Africa saw and experienced ‘life’!

Every page uniquely represents an aspect of my life and has something for everyone. I am formally trained as an economist turned Development /Gender and Education researcher. This influences the articles I write under the ‘my gender lens’ and ‘development matters’ pages. If you are very intellectual and enjoy ‘nerdy treats’, you would love these pages.

 The pages on ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Stories of untold heroes’ can definitely be described as my ‘first loves’ because one of the greatest  things I want to achieve on earth is to inspire and motivate people to see the greatness in them and realise their purpose!! This I do my presenting stories of ordinary people like you and I that are doing extra-ordinary things!

‘The kingdom Impact project’ is a budding pet project that will unveil how I intend to contribute to making the world a better place.

The pages on the ‘The New Nigeria Series’ and ‘The Other Side of Africa’ are birthed from my cultural identity as a Nigerian and African. Repeatedly, I watched Nigeria and Africa as a continent portrayed more in bad light so I became motivated to tell the other side of Africa’s story, one that is beautiful and void of stereotypical representations.

If you are as inquisitive and curious as I am, you will love ‘the curious nation’ page. It will be a witty combination of interesting ‘did you know’ facts and random knowledge about everything and anything.

Finally, the page on ‘Faith’ represents my ultimate identity as a Christian. This is essentially who I am. Every other thing doesn’t really make so much sense.

You can  send me emails, lifetrumylens1@gmail.com



Noelle Omesham Oputa.












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  1. Woaww. Am really impressed at your write-ups. Frankly, I first thought it ws gonna be those long inspirational talks you kept giving me when we were younger. But you’ve made inspiration fun and fun, inspiring. Keep doing your thang.